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Cesarean Sections

Elective cesarean sections may be booked for a multitude of medical reasons. The most common reason is a patient requested repeat cesarean section. A non urgent cesarean section is usually booked at 39 weeks gestation with Dr. Vassiliou if she is on call. Otherwise it is scheduled with her on call obstetrician colleague. A red card indicating the time of the booked cesarean section will be given to you at the office once the date and time is secured with the hospital. The times are approximate as emergency cesarean sections or deliveries can delay the surgery. You will be called by the hospital birthing unit clerk the night before your surgery to confirm the time and tell you when to come in and until when you can eat and drink. If you do not get a call by 7:00PM please cal 613-761-4570 to confirm the times of your surgery.

In general surgeries on Mon-Tue-Friday are booked at 8:00AM, 10:00AM, 12:00PM and patients should arrive at the hospital at 6:00AM, 6:30AM, 9:00AM respectively. Surgeries on Wed-Thurs are booked at 9:00AM, 11:00AM, 1:00PM and patients should arrive at 6:00AM, 7:00AM, 10:00AM respectively.

Please read the HOSPITAL BOOKLET in preparation for your cesarean section.

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