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Diabetes Screen

Between 25-28 weeks gestation it is routine to screen for diabetes in pregnancy (gestational diabetes). The most common way is to give 50g of glucose in a drink and test the blood levels of glucose one hour later. This is not a fasting test although it is not recommended that you have a high sugar content meal right before your test. Dr. Vassiliou will give you a requisition and prior to your next visit you should go to the lab of our medical building (basement) where you will be given a high sugar content drink. You then will go to see Dr. Vassiliou for your routine obstetrics visit and return to the lab after your check up to have your blood taken for analysis. This test is a screening test for diabetes in pregnancy.


In certain high risk situations for having diabetes or if you fail the above test, a 2 hour glucose tolerance test will be done. This is a fasting test where you will have blood taken on your arrival to the lab. You will then be given 75g of glucose and then blood analysis is done one hour and then two hours after the glucose drink. This test is the definitive diagnostic test for diabetes.

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