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Obstetrical Assessment Unit (Triage Unit)- 4th floor Ottawa Hospital - Civic Campus

If you have bleeding, rupture of membranes, think you are in labour (contractions every 5 minutes for one hour) or are concerned about your health or your baby's health (decreased fetal movements) you must present yourself to the Triage Unit on the fourth floor of the Ottawa Hospital - Civic campus. You will be assessed by a trained maternity nurse, your baby's heart rate will be monitored and you will see a physician. The triage unit is an assessment unit for all obstetrical concerns after hours or during daytime when assessment in the clinic is not appropriate in women over 20 weeks gestation.


When you arrive at the triage unit (4th floor- D wing) you will first go through the two large double doors where you will register.


If the acute concern is not related to pregnancy or if you are less than 20 weeks gestation then you must present to the Emergency Department of the Civic Campus.


After hours if you have concerns about your pregnancy but are not sure whether you need to go to the hospital you may call: 613-761-5112. Nurses are available 24 hours per day to answer your concerns.

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