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Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes (diabetes in pregnancy ) is tested for betweeen 24-28 weeks gestation and preferably closer to 28 weeks. If you are not RH negative we have found it efficient to go the lab in the basement of 1081 Carling Avenue (Dr. Vassiliou's building) prior to your appointment. You will be given 50g of sugar (glucose) after which you may proceed to see Dr. Vassiliou for your regular appointment. At the end of the clinic visit you must go back to the lab to have a blood test. If the test results are not normal then you will receive a call from our office asking you to do another blood test ( you will need 2 hours and you need to be fasting).The first test is a screening test but the second test is the confirmatory test. If the second test is abnormal it confirms diabetes in pregnancy and we will be making an appointment for you to see a specialist and dietician.

Alternatively if you don't want to have the gestational diabetes screening test on the day of your appointment you need to go to another lab of your choice. Keep in mind that first test takes one hour.  

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