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Postpartum Support

Optimal post-delivery hospital routines include: rooming-in, on demand newborn feeding schedules, and providing for the educational needs of the new parents.


Both vaginal and medically-assisted deliveries can create physical or emotional stress, so some new moms feel some lingering after-effects. Some common ones include:


  • Soreness: The mild discomfort that accompanies sitting or urinating generally dissipates within a week. There will be gradual improvement. Dr. Vassiliou normally only intervenes if the soreness becomes worse or it is accompanied by discharge.If that is the case call the clinic.

  • Contractions: Afterpains are especially common after successive deliveries. They are quite natural and, as again, usually dissipate in a few days.

  • Hemorrhoids/Fetal Incontinence: The stress on the perineum often creates or inflames piles and makes it difficult to control bowel movements for a few days. If those symptoms linger it is important to receive medical attention.

If you experience physical or emotional issues post partum please book an appointment to see us. Severe pain +/- fever or severe bleeding soaking through a pad an hour requires a visit to the emergency department for assessment. 


Alternatively for breastfeeding and neonatal support  you may visit the Monarch Centre. Referral to the Monarch Centre may also be made upon discharge from the hospital by the physicians on call at the hospital.

Dr. Vassiliou will see all new moms at 6 weeks post delivery. Please call our office to book.


Dr. Vassiliou will screen for post partum depression and refer to the Perinatal Mental Health Program if depression is occurring. If depression is occurring prior to the usual 6 week post partum check up call our office ASAP. Contraception is discussed at the 6 weeks post partum appointment with appropriate follow up appointments if needed.

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