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TOLAC Trial of Labour after Cesarean section

If you are pregnant and have had a previous cesarean section then you may be able to chose between having another cesarean section or delivering vaginally (TOLAC).

Delivering vaginally is a good option in most people as approximately 70% are able to deliver vaginally. Successful vaginal delivery is associated with less risk to the mother than cesarean section. However labour in those with a previous cesarean section is associated with the rare complication of uterine rupture which can lead to life threatening complications in the mother such as bleeding and infection and brain damage or death of the baby.

After discussion with Dr. Vassiliou and after making your decision on whether to have a repeat cesarean section please review the Plan of Care after a Previous Cesarean guide, sign the consent form and bring to the hospital with you so it can be placed in the hospital chart.

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