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WinRho Pickup

WinRho is an injection given to women who are RH negative to prevent fetal complications. It is given at 28 weeks gestation.


WinRho is available free of charge and can be picked up at the Transfusion Medicine (Blood Bank) Department of the Ottawa Hospital- Civic campus. In order to pick up WinRho you must have a blood sample drawn at the Ottawa Hospital- Civic campus laboratory at least 48 hrs prior to picking up WinRho. Dr. Vassiliou will give you a requisition to bring there.


On the day of your injection just prior to your appointment in the office you must pick up WinRho at the Transfusion Medicine Department at the Ottawa Hospital- Civic campus. This is located at the basement corridor of the Civic Campus underneath the Emergency Department. You can get there either from the elevators of the F Main corridor or by going down the stairwell at the east end of the main corridor near the Emergency Parking Lot entrance. You will need to bring a requisition provided by our clinic.

Please note starting March 31, 2020 due to Covid 19 epidemic WinRho for RH negative patients needs to be picked up at the Riverside Campus. Go to the main entrance and then follow the signs to LABORATORY, we will either fax the requisition from our office to the laboratory or we will give it to you to bring. WinRho must then be brought to the office for administration.

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