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Labour and Delivery

The Birthing Unit at The Ottawa Hospital’s Civic Campuse has world-class facilities, starting with fully private labor/delivery/recovery suites that are very family friendly. The Ottawa Hospital is also known for having some of the most well-qualified and experienced maternity nurses in the province, especially when it comes to non-intervention birthing.


Childbirth is a very personal experience, and we will talk about this event well in advance to customize it as much as possible.


  • Anesthesia: Some moms prefer an epidural while others prefer a natural childbirth without any medication. Modern epidurals allow movement and very often intense pressure that facilitates normal pushing in the second stage of labour so that interventions can be avoided.

  • Labour Coaches: There are many fine doulas and other professionals in the area who can assist with labour technique and help keep moms as comfortable as possible, both physically and emotionally. Dr. Vassiliou supports the assistance of these professionals when feasible.

  • Third Parties: Some moms prefer a private delivery, while others enjoy being surrounded by family and friends. Both options are available to you at the Birthing Unit of the Ottawa Hospital.


Our goals are twofold: a safe delivery for mother as well as baby, and a memorable experience for the entire family.

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