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On Call Group

Dr. Vassiliou sees all her prenatal patients in her private clinic unless on holidays when alternative coverage will be arranged. At the hospital Dr. Vassiliou is part of an on call group which comprises of a group of obstetricians that provide emergency and delivery coverage at the Ottawa Hospital- Civic campus. There is a daytime on call physician and nighttime on call physician with back up respectively.


Dr. Vassiliou's colleagues are an exemplary group of physicians; some she has worked with for the last 25 years and others she has helped train and were hand picked for their skills, compassion and expertise.


The Civic obstetrician on call group consists of the following physicians: Dr. D. Vassiliou, Dr. S. Aubin, Dr. P. Berger, Dr. J. Dy, Dr. A. Garber, Dr. H. Khalil, Dr. J. Lamensa, Dr. Maureen Okonkwo, Dr. D. Pascali, Dr. M. Smithies,  Dr. G. Tawagi, Dr. E. Walker


For more information on our group of physicians: 



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