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RH Negative

If your blood type is RH negative you must receive WinRho (injection) to prevent you from developing antibodies against the baby's blood. WinRho is given at 28 weeks, if you have bleeding and have not received WinRho within the last 12 weeks and post partum if your baby is RH positive. Your baby's blood type will be tested at the hospital after you deliver. 

Before you receive WinRho you must be tested for antibodies. WinRho is only given to you if you have not developed antibodies. Testing (blood test) must be done at the hospital lab. Testing for gestational diabetes should be done at the same time. 

At 28 weeks you will pick up the WinRho injection (vial) at Transfusion Medicine at the hospital and bring it to the clinic for injection. Don't worry, we use a very fine needle!

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